NEWS 2019


22nd Dec 5 days after chemo ended up in Hospital for 8 days over the Christmas period. . Silva & Acer were taken  into kennels and that didnt suit Acer at all. They had to take them in the house but having them both now home just before New years Eve he really is still so so stressed.  Its just heartbreaking how he is at present.   Anyway thats it for another year and just about time to get back to the real world and 2nd Session is l4th Jan.  But hopefully now I know how i react, and problems hopefully the next time they can be sorted before they start.  Photo below of my eldest Nephew & family who turned up as a surprise visit in Hospital which was great to see them.

 MARCUS AND FAMILY DEC 2019 (270 x 500)

13th Latest news is becoming more of a blog these days as not a lot happening dog wise to report. Intended having a really special birthday week  but that sort of went pear shaped as well.  My sister in law came over from Spain and I managed to meet her for a lovely lunch, the following Sunday Viv who had flown over from spain for lunch –  ended up taking me to the local hospital as I wasnt sure if i had a chest infection.  Then I had booked My birthday meal at the soi Kitchen in milford but cancelled as I just didnt feel up to it, and then the rest of the week just got cancelled. So here we are a week later not knowing where November went or when December started. So much so I decided too late to buy cards or presents so just set up a fund raiser on facebook for the Mesethelioma Charity UK who will be supporting me along my journey. Silva has also been spayed so further down the line its done and dusted and will be easier for the dog walker.  My aim is to take Silva to Boston Ch Sh in Peterborough on 10 Jan 2020 and try and qualify her for Crufts..If I am up to bathing and getting her ready and her coat grows from where the vet stupidly clippered off hair that wasnt necessary,   A friend has offered to drive me, and another friend will show Silva.  So that is my goal. In the meantime the first Batch of chemo starts on 17th December.


26th Not sure if I am allowed to name drop but going to anyway.  Today was the start of me pampering myself and had my nails done (tomorrow hair coloured in Nottingham)  at the very upmarket Slimming World Beauty Salon near me. Who should sit in the next seat next to me having her nails done and looked absolutely fantastic and certainly didnt look her age at all,  with long black hair with grey streaks and in her 70’s was the Owner of Slimming world Margaret Whittaker OBE  (still owns 70% of the company)  who now lives the millionaire lifestyle in Puerto Portals, Mallorca and mixes with the rich and Famous.. Wish I had dared to ask for a selfie.  I darent put on a photo in case copyright infringement.

23rd What a great day meeting for the first time since he left the nest,  “Morgan”  Silvas son from her last litter who is about 4 1/2 months old.   I took 219 photos of them together but total disaster.  So here are just a few that arnt up to my usual standard.  The only similarity is their eyes say it all  = they were little buggars.(Silva on the left)     Eventually peace and morgan fell asleep.

DSCF6905 (500 x 375)

DSCF6801 (500 x 364)

21st had a very very busy 2 weeks – so many things to sort, Visits to find out my options,  organise things, buy loads of goodies and having fun along the way.  A shop online at Tesco and Baileys on special offer so popped in a quick 5 x litre bottles.   Purchased Almost one of every single Tesco finest meals that just need heating.  Acer and Silva now have a dog Walker “Carl” which was such a coincidence as lives locally and guess what has two of my Ingella mini Schnauzers.  He now road walks them Mon, Wed and Fri for a hour at a time. Once the weather improves i will take them to a secure paddock for the odd gallop.   Caramella continues to be her usually bouncy self in her new home up in Morecambe.    Decisions have now been made and in about 2/3 weeks time I am starting the strongest chemo.will have to be in hospital for the whole day as the kidneys need flushing out before and after the treatment. So this will be every 21 days.  6 Treatments.   So the total time is 18 weeks.  This is when i will definitely not be bouncing about quite like i am at present.

A lovely bonus the dog puppy from silvas last litter “Morgan” won a photographic competition on Facebook.   So hope his owner sylvia wont mind be popping it on for all to see.   He really is stunning and sp looks just like his mum Silva.    Quite excited as Morgan is visiting this saturday and first time i will have seen him since he left.   Also next weeks Acers son Hugo from the last litter he sired is also visiting for a trim as well  owned by Alison and Mark.

MORGAN MORGAN END OCTOBER 2019 75271552_24345785911201524971864064_o (600 x 399)

Taken a while ago now but from Rogues Gallery Fidget and baby Bryson who are owned by Carl and Lynne  who  live locally.both Ingellas as mentioned above.

FIDGET AND HIS NEW BROTHER 43679402_1242296635909517_746126172542205952_n

11TH A lot has changed now as far as the Ingella Minis are concerned.   The puppy i was keeping       ” Caramella” from my last litter 8th September 2019  has now gone to live with a friend up North who will continue the lines, Toffee her mum has gone to live with her mum Crumble.  The setters are going nowhere at present.   Unfortunately I have been diagnosed with a rare terminal illness which of course for those that know me … typical of me cant be normal can  it. – caused by asbestos in the lining of the lung  Mesothelioma – Luckily found at the very early stage and awaiting a treatment program.  But the website will keep  going in some shape or form.   No doubt all the lovely owners will still send photos for Rogues Gallery etc. and keep in touch.  I had no intention of breeding another English Setter litter anyway, but I am going to try and occasional get to some shows in the hope someone will handle them in the ring.    My first goal is Boston Ch Sh in Jan where I hope to qualify Silva for Crufts.   Crufts in March both Acer and Silva  will be shown by friends on my behalf.  so fingers crossed..    It is only less than a week since I knew, but please dont feel because of this you cant contact me, or  phone me as I am absolutely fine.. Spending money like water as I got a teeny pot of gold from the government. So the motto is if you are going to get a bad prognosis make sure there is the pot of gold at the beginning and you are at Stage 1 as they say..


26th   CT scan yesterday now await visit with consultant for  results next week.   Mini pups 7 weeks all trimmed and looking smart for their departure on 2nd November and really pleased with Caramella soooo pretty and naughty…

xxxxxCARAMELLA IMG_3493 (600 x 450)

18th After some deliberation I decided to pick my Mini bitch sooner than later with going a bit pearshaped healthwise. .   So here she is in a relaxed mode – Ingella Caramella Cookie Nearly 6 weeks old..

DSCF6691 (600 x 381)

11th Not easy trying to hold up a  pup and take a photo but here are the mini pups nearly 5 weeks.  Girls bottom row boys on the top.


8th Tough few months, exhausted and stressed with various things happening, made worse by a fall which sounds funny now, i  tripped on the lip and fell into the setter puppy pen about 7 weeks ago –  smashing knees/legs which both went purple. Trouble breathing and been back to the Doctor three times as it is getting worse.


8TH – Good start to the month as Toffee gave birth to a lovely litter of 5 puppies all weighing in at 6 ozs. each

DSCF6022 (600 x 358)


28th  Both boys together (left)  Ingella Midnight Storm who will be off to Nottinghamshire and  will hopefully be going in the show ring and now has his own page on the website and Ingella Midsummer Storm  (Benson)  who will shortly be off to Lancashire with the Baines family.. .

midnight sitting DSCF5709 (474 x 600)   midsummer DSCF5736 (456 x 600)

website 6DSCF5675 (600 x 326)

18th Lovely day so pups outside and let Uncle Acer (Litter brother to Mum Silva) in with the pups for a few minutes socialising.

DSCF4866 (580 x 413)

14th Scan day for Toffee –    followed by Afternoon tea & champagne – a much needed break at Santos Higham Farm Hotel & restaurant.   Also updated my Selfie photo on my Home page – bit of a close up but just dont have very long arms.

12th Today silva decided to chill away from her puppies, and it was her who placed this toy in this position not me.  .

silva with the stuffed toyDSCF4773 (500 x 315)

8th Such a lovely photo of one of the pups.

7th 8 weeks old to day is the one and only puppy Hugo from Acers last mating to Bess, a Bournehouse bitch owned by Alison & Mark.


7TH where has the time flown – “Silvas” two boys now 4 weeks old and today had a visit from Sylvia the owner of the stud dog.  so with a spare pair of hands able to take a few better photos.  They are both tri colour. (blue, belton & Tan)

PALE BOY 4 WEEKS OLD page patch boy 4 weeks old


9th Silva produced a very small litter of only 3 puppies by C section which was a little sad. One Bitch and two Dogs but still early days.   This will be my last litter of English Setters.    If it goes to plan I will be keeping the Bitch.  Unfortunately my little girl didnt make it – so very disappointed – but out of pain.

IMG_2521 (600 x 450)


28th Normally a Rogues Gallery photo – however, I just had to mention Ingella Peter Pickle (Percy) who was from Crumbles last litter and the Sire was  Baeur (Nikisan Chuppa chuka) – who has been hand stripped, and it really does make the coat look fabulous.      What a stunning boy he has turned out to be. Owned by the Chesters family and this is their 3rd Ingella mini Schnauzer.  I gather they may also consider showing Percy.  (Top photo Percy – underneath his dad Baeur)

IMG_0305 (600 x 569)

27th Out for one of the best meals ever . Converted from a former Mill House on The Weir in June 2018 – Soi Kitchen is in Milford Derbyshire.Even has its own Tuk Tuk.  Eat as much as you like – the most fantastic hot display of food i have ever seen.Japanese Gyoza, Chinese stir fries, Moroccan Tagines, Mexican Tacos, Malaysian Mie Goren, Mediterranean pizza and pastas and Greek Mezze.  and much much more and the Sweets were out of this world.  Strawberries, Marshmallows, Hot chocolate Fountain and on it went.  Beautiful setting beside the Weir, spacious and relaxing.    I needed a chill out before next week when not only is Silva due to give birth, but also Toffee (Mini) came in season early and at some stage during next 2 weeks needs blood testing and mating.


15th Visited a friend today who has a stunning 10 week old litter of Cavalliers.  So couldnt resist a photo of them.

DSCF4328 gradiant

10th Pleased to say Silva (on the left) who has been mated to Darlow,  is definitely pregnant and due early July.

sorbus darlow and silva full but fadedthis one DARLOW AND SILVA 2019 (500 x 311)



22nd I really am getting into this Dog photography and so enjoy taking photos – albeit still learning. Been over to a friends (Debbie)  who has a gorgeous litter of 7 week old Miniature Black/Tan Shorthaired Dachshunds – this is just one of the photos I took today of Mum with Miss Orange.


17th About 7 weeks ago Acer had a repeat mating to Bess (owned by Alison & Mark) and it is hoped there will be puppies born beginning of June.  Bess produced a fabulous litter of stunning English Setter puppies 2 years ago.   The previous litter can be see on Acers page.

12th First attempt at a 360 degree still shot of the garden,.  Just love photography but no idea what i am doing really.


11th Still getting to grips with the new camera.   Sun semi shining and garden always looks lovely at this time of year.  Toffee just happened to be standing in an ideal spot.

                            DSCF3397      DSCF3406



27th Acer the day after the show – what a difference one day makes.


26th Today Acer, Silva and I joined Linda (their Breeder) along with their sister Alice, and another English whispa to attend the WELKS Championship show at Malvern. Not an easy drive on a Friday morning but luckily we were 2nd in the ring after spaniels so didnt leave Nottingham until 9.30 a.m. Acer had 11 in his class and got a 3rd and Silva had 17 in her class (was shortlisted) but unfortunately didnt get placed, but her sister Alice won the class and then got  top Bitch.  I finally got home at 8.30 p.m. having collected Toffee en route from a local friend. Acer below.


(Alice left, Silva Middle and Acer Right)


21st April Met up with Kerry and a friend of hers at The Farmhouse in Mackworth, Derby where I arranged to meet Noah a Miniature Schnauzer who they brought along, as I am considering using him on Toffee when she comes into season around August 2019.  What a beautiful boy he is and delightful temperament.   . “Noah” …   South African Champion Keystone Noah is currently visiting in the UK and also only one CC away from being a UK Champion..

 14th Just Silva and I went off to the English Setter Association Champ Show at the Kennel Club Building Stoneleigh. Really enjoyed it and she was an absolute delight to show not having been in the ring for nearly 2 years. She won a respectable 3rd out of 7.

5th Still getting to grips with this camera – want to be good by the time Toffee has a litter which is a while to go yet.  Acer again doing what he does naturally – in fact he is chilling out ready for his BIG DAY on Monday when Bess is returning for a repeat mating of her 2017 litter.

ACER APR 2019 DSCF3171


23rd Sun shining so had another session with the new camera – but still not that good.. Acer & Silva (siblings)


14th Something a bit different and probably just up my street – Afternoon tea with a friend at Madhatters Tea Room in Kimberley.  courtesy of a Groupon Deal I purchased a few months ago.

MADHATTERS img_0987  MADHATTERS img_1084-u2419MADHATTERSimg_1046  MADHATTERS img_0383-crop-u3174

7th Gundog Day at Crufts has been and gone for another year – Had a reasonable day Acer got a VHC (5th) out of 11 – so at least in the cards as they say.   An additional photo on Acers own page, but this one of him being Judged in the ring thanks to Kacper an overseas friend for taking it.

ACER Crufts 2019 54233816_2131979973546780_3866631191117430784_oACER TO ENLARGE CRUFTS 2-1053138972_2131983133546464_8787248254321426432_o Acer Crufts 2019 53926499_2131980230213421_4505754777535119360_n .


25th This is so hidden away in the corner of the hall I decided to give it a good clean today. It’s a life size Fire Screen decoupage of Sh Ch Bellesett Campbell of Ingella made by a friend and signed with her name “Vix 1991”  on the back.  I never knew until the day I collected it that she had carefully hidden a piece of Campbell tartan and a Rosette within the Screen.  I bet even if you have visited me you probably never noticed it.


19th Just received my Passes for CRUFTS 2019.  Gundogs are there Thursday 7th March. If anyone wants to pop and say Hello to me or Acer then we are in Hall 1, Ring 6 and my Bench no. is 240.

14th exactly 3 weeks to go before CRUFTS DOG SHOW AT THE NEC.  Friends are coming from Yorkshire to doggy sit those left at home.  I rarely go with any Expectations as I personally just love being able to show and run Acer round that big Green carpeted Breed ring.  I think what with the baileys, crowds, Crufts, adrenaline I am on a high and really enjoy it as I think Acer does as well.   Hopefully after a very long break from the show ring,  Silva is also back out again in a couple of months time..

7th Just couldnt resist taking this photo of Sleeping Beauty “Silva”


4th Midland English setter society ch show – Stoneleigh, Warwicks just under an hours drive.. Lovely day out as collected a friend en route who hadnt been to a show for a long time.  So bacon butties and a cuppa   Acer wasnt in until after lunch and got a 2nd and only beaten in his class by the dog that was the Best Dog at the Show.   Again a lovely write up from the Judge.


31st Well this has to be a first Toffee actually sitting with Acer and for once he isnt duffing her up.


19th Fabulous start to the New Year for Acers first show of the season at Stafford, first time in the Limit Class and wins a lst.  I also came home with a litre of Baileys courtesy of a friend for helping her sell her puppies.  The only downside I had a couple of lovely photos taken with my camera of Acer today and for some unknown reason it downloaded 195 photos – from an old file and not one of Acer..So disappointed.  The good news a lovely Critique from the Judge is on Acers page.

1st The New year for me  starts off mid January with a Champ Show at Stafford for Acer.  In about 4 months time Silva hopefully will have a new coat, and be back in the ring.  We may even manage a short trip to the coast for a Run on the Beach at some stage,  and right at the end of the year will be mating Toffee (Mini Schnauzer) and maybe Silva (English Setter) and mid year Acer may be used at stud again. Also received good news that Glitter from Silvas litter (who i parted with at l5 weeks old due to circumstances)  has settled well and she is now known as “Holly”.   Still miss her as she was sooooo very sweet and pretty.

happy new year 5R4J