Rainbow Bridge



blade use this one 24th may carole and mike nearly 11 years oldBLADE 24 (469 x 600)

“BLADE”  Ingella Skating on Ice …  Nearly 11 years old lovingly owned by Mike & Carole from solihull. They had him from me as a youngster (in the smaller photo)  and until the 24th May 2020 lived life to the full.   His departure was fortunately at home, lying in his favourite spot in the sunshine with both Mike & Carole with him. RIP and join the rest of the Setters running free on Rainbow Bridge. He actually reminds me of my William who is also running free.


“BLCOCO AND ALEXANDER IMG_0392 (450 x 600)

COCO –  Ingella  from one of my very first litters of English Setters (litter sister to Tequila below) was pts l4th October 2019 aged 12 1/2 years to save further suffering.  Her father being my William who i only  lost last year. Absolutely adored by Sally, and her family who were all able to be at home  with her at the very end.  She will be missed for a very long time but always tucked up in their hearts forever. One of Sally’s favourite photos above is of Alexander,  one of her sons on the beach with Coco. She had also  been lucky to be able to spend some quality time with their 2 new Ingella English puppies Rosie & Elsa which was a bonus…


Berry – Ingella Snow White – Owned by Ingrid Cunningham  & Family was put to sleep on 15th December 2018 to save further suffering at the age of 10.   Berry must go back 4/5 generations from my current Minis.   Yet another that will be missed soooooo much.



Tequila – Ingella Singapore Sling Nearly 11 years old was pts 4th November 2018 to save further suffering.  One very special lady bred by me, raised by me until she was a year old and then went to live with Lynn & Bill..  She was also a daughter of my “William” who also was pts this year. They gave her the most wonderful life.

Its now June 2019 and 8 months ago after Tequila was pts I found a beautiful Rose Bush called “Tequila Sunrise” that I sent to Lynn & Bill in memory of our Special Lady.  They had a professional Gardener plant up the bush and its outside their front door.   What a wonderful way to remember her as today the first ever Rose blossomed.    So here she is   TEQUILA SUNRISE




Paige – Ingella Witches Brew (on the right) – I believe over 12 years old left for Rainbow Bridge in April 2018. I remember thinking how pretty she was when I last saw her a few years ago     Paige will be very much missed by both Tony, Sarah and the rest of the Chesters Family including of course Peggy..



Molly –   Ingella Sugar ‘N Spice – such a fitting name for her, who would have been l3 years old in June – a very special lady that I was lucky to meet up with only last year when Sheena her owner decided to visit  , and I was able to take a photo which is  on my rogues Gallery.     This current photo was actually taken at my favourite Holiday spot – Sheena and her partner decided to also rent the bungalow in 2017 which is close to the beach.   Thank you for giving her such a wonderful life and I know only too well how very very much she will be missed.    RIP BEAUTIFUL MOLLY.   14.03.18

molly at theddlethorpe


A very very Special boy – Marley Moo – Ingella Marley Moo   owned by Lesley & husband from Scotland. Bred by me but without my knowledge was placed in the Setter Rescue at under a year old by the first owners..  Lesley rescued him and I believe was given the paperwork so was able to contact me and let me know he now lived with her.  We have kept in touch ever since, and photos are also on Rogues Gallery over the years.    He had been poorly for some time, then  recovered, but each time seem to go down hill a little further.  He must have been one of the most loved and worshipped dogs ever – and how lucky he was to spend his life in the lap of luxury.   Sadly today his time ran out and the hard decision was made.  Thank you both for the wonderful life you gave him. 29.1.18

marley on the bed 27073021_542274396146315_1522878082034844880_n


So very sad to say, with a heavy heart , that 9 month old Robyn owned by the Davis Family was PTS to save further suffering. Robyn was the most loved & cherished puppy ever.  ROBYN    rainbow bridge photo943719_644314078918897_1898085138_n


“Berry” Ingella Gooseberry Fool (Miniature Schnauzer)  who I bred , and Born 24.12.06 is in almost every one of my Pedigrees .   Due to unforeseen personal circumstances at 3 years of age went to live with good friends Karen & Rick (Ferncliffe Schnauzers). A few months later I realised things werent quite as bad  and was lucky Karen had bred from Berry and let me have back Pepsi and Cola to continue my lines. Berry has joined  the others in Rainbow Bridge and will be passing on all her quirkiy little ways to the rest of them.    Due to my computer crashing the only photo i have of her is as a Baby (along with my English dusty who is also long gone) Both these favourite girls are on my Home page. 5.10.2017

    rainbow bridge photo943719_644314078918897_1898085138_n


Received a call tonight to say that “SAGA”  (Ingella Never Ending Saga) was pts (aged 8)  at  the home of Val & Peter in Leicestershire on Friday 10th June so save further suffering. He will be so so missed and even more so by Peter who is totally heartbroken, but he couldnt have gone to a better home or had any better care during his illness..  I owned saga until he was about 9 months old when he joined Val & Peter and he was my favourite colour Pale Blue – very striking boy with the most beautiful head and of course typical loving personality and adored by everyone he met…   I was actually going over to see him again in August – but wasnt to be. 13.06.17

saga owned by Val and Peter (300 x 306)   rainbow bridge photo943719_644314078918897_1898085138_n


I owned Pearl or Pearly Whirly as I used to call her from 8 weeks old (I didnt breed her) and around l4 months old she went to live with Lynn, Bill and their other English Tequila. Unfortunately at only 2 years old she was pts to save further suffering .   This was a very very hard decision  and has totally devastated her owners – she meant the world to them.  She was an absolute character, happy go lucky, cuddly, funny, and adorable.    She will be so sadly missed not only by them but all of us at The Nook as they regularly visited.   23.01.17

IMG_3467   rainbow bridge photo943719_644314078918897_1898085138_n