31st Out with the old and hopefully in with the new tomorrow.  Been a bit of an up and down year and the last 3 months been a little sad for varying reasons. .

16th After a really long break with an odd show Acer & I are today at LKA Ch Sh at the NEC in Birmingham..He has at last  matured, put on some weight and started to grow a more adult coat. Unfortunately Acer had a bit of a tummy upset (the previous 48 hours he had been stressing over toffee being in season) and didnt want to move with any enthusiasm, my back went into spasm as well. Just one of those things and not a good day all round. I have entered a show every month now up until May 2019 so we will hopefully both be back on track.

14th the lovely “GLITTER”  Ingella Silva Glitter from Silvas first litter went off to live with Tom in coventry,  due to personal  circumstances – sad day.   Hopefully if we decide in the future to have a second litter then I might keep one. Its not easy taking photos of a Flash of lightening when there is no one to hold her still.  But here are the last few photos I managed t take at l5 weeks old.


Hi Five as Glitter waves Goodbye to her mum Silva – sad day



4th Very sad day – I bred “Tequila”  Ingella Singapore Sling  who was a daughter of my “William” who was also pts earlier this year.   I can only describe her as one very very Special Lady.    She was pts to save further suffering today at nearly 11 years old.. However, at just over a year old she went to live with Lynn & Bill in Yorkshire and I know for a fact she was “their world” and  will leave an absolutely huge hole in their lives for a very long time..  Over the years we have also remained very good friends and have on a few occasions also been on holiday together.  She can now run free with William and the other Ingellas.




2nd  Managed to get a quick shot of Silva and her daughter Glitter sort of together.

glitter and mum silva IMG_0928


Busy w/e 27/28 Setter pups all went off to various new homes,  Stockport, North Yorkshire and Co. Durham and Crumble has gone to live in Grantham with the Son & family of some very good friends of mine who used to show English Setters who very kindly arrived with a fabulous huge piece of chocolate cake made by Evie (as it was Crumbles 5th birthday yesterday)  and a bottle of Baileys for me  from Harry .   Greatly appreciated.

25th Back in the land of showing Acer again after a break whilst having puppies. Midland counties at Stafford – but not a good day unfortunately 4th out of 5.  Dont think I was really in the mood and still  a bit exhausted.

22nd  Almost 8 weeks –   4 off to their new homes .this coming weekend. –  cant wait to have some time for myself again.

Top row –  Ingella Silva Glitter,   Ingella Pure gold

Middle – Ingella silva avant

Bottom Row – Ingella Gold Glitter,     Ingella Gold dust


18th starts the influx of friends and show friends visiting in pairs as it happens to view or  give their opinion on Silvas litter ( Wansleydale Silver Ribbon Over Ingella )and help me make a rational decision as to which one i might be keeping.  I have kept. Ingella Silva Glitter (Glitter) who now has her own page on the website but time will tell . .


12th It might appear I have no news but busy busy busy.  Today I trimmed both Minis, Bathed & gave  Acer & Silva a Blow Dry, and then bathed and dried  all 5 pups.   Here are the results,

silva 6 weeks old DOG CENTRE

9th Lovely photos of a dog and bitch puppy 8 weeks old from Crumbles litter.


9th Fabulous photo of Crumble out on the fields today.


8th One very very naughty 5 week old orange belton Setter puppy – cant blame her for all of it though.


2nd Well yet again Acer seems to be the star of the Show –  what a fabulous natured dog to allow 5 mini schnauzer pups 7 weeks old to bounce all over him.

ACER & 5 minis


30th Had a few visitors today but one was the “Bates Family” who had come to visit Crumble and see the pups.   Just before they left I let Acer and toffee in and I was amazed Acer actually gave some respect to the children.    What a beautiful photo Emma captured of her daughter Evie with Acer on the settee.   I dont think any words are needed the look says it all.   Mutual adoration.

EVIE AND ACER _7481535212304728064_n (700 x 525)

27th Dont know where the month has gone – The Mini Pups are now 6 weeks old and leaving shortly and Silva’s setter pups are just 4 weeks old and I now know we have 2 tri bitches, 2 orange bitches and a tri colour boy. As to which bitch i will keep – I have no idea. . Few photos of the pups 4 weeks old.

.IMG_9968 IMG_9978 IMG_9980



30th Silvas Pups have arrived – started 8 a.m. and last one born 9.l5 a.m. when the photo was taken.  Then surprise surprise another little girl born at 10.55 a.m.


6 weeks pregnant below


16th Dont normally do photos of meals – but this was yesterdays lunch – Jacket Potato, Prawns in home made Marie Rose Sauce and salad ( slimming World style)  and it was absolutely delicious.  Was a sheer coincidence it just looked perfect.


11th Had a little photoshoot with dare I say “Yummy Mummy to be” Silva. She looks absolutely blooming and appears to be enjoying her pregnancy.   My first English Setter litter in 11 years.


9th Crumble gave birth to her little baby Crumbs – by C section but fortunately all went well. These are 3 days old.

CRUMBLE 3 DAYS 2 PUPS (500 x 259)

7th I have a friend whose Mum does sketching as a hobby. But what a talented Artist she really is – her name is Yvonne Thomas and look at this fabulous sketch of one of my Mini Schnauzer pups.

Yvonne Thomas mini sketch38612469_10155439739205807_5571828134996606976_n (366 x 500)

4th Exciting new that Silva was scanned and pregnant, however, not many puppies seen on the scan. But the other news is that the Father of the puppies today gained his crown and became a Show Champion – so a bit more red on the pedigree.


17th Very sad day – my lovely old boy “Sweet William” (Hartsett As You Like It)  previously known as “Wild Willie” went to Rainbow Bridge.    The first time I have ever owned an English Setter aged 12 years and 3 months. I can honestly say he was one of the most kind and gentle dogs I have ever owned, and never had a days illness. –  what a true Gentleman who melted everyones heart..  RIP.        24.04.06 – 17.07.18  photo taken this morning.  (bred by Chris & Chris Hartle) 


16th Weather doesnt get much better than this in the UK – now looking forward to some me time for a few weeks…   Also good news “Crumble” has been scanned and expecting puppies around 11th august – and i am hopefully keeping a Bitch to continue her lines going.


8th Toffees pups ready to go in a weeks time so took a few up to date photos to send to their new owners.


7th hot day at the East of England Championship show Show – but as usual Acer performed well – it was a grass ring half under the shade of an open sided Marquee and  although I handled him and stood him, his Breeder Linda kindly ran him for me as I can no longer run on uneven surfaces.   OK inside on firm flooring.  .  We got a respectable 2nd.

6th Been quite an exciting month already with Crumble and Silva.   Acer just bathed and now ready for the East of England championship Show tomorrow at peterborough.


Not a very eventful month, no showing – just rearing Toffees pups.


28th Silva just chilling on a lovely hot summers day


27th a friend has been given access to a fabulous 2 acre fully fenced meadow full of buttercups, purple corn flowers,  for her to exercise her dogs and has permission for me to go along as well.(literally under a mile away)    River the Ibizan Hound about 5 months old raced around weaving in and out  with Silva not quite keeping up with her, as for Acer well – Acer is just Acer – few gallops chasing and then thought – cant be doing with that and Pumpkin the Black & Tan Coonhound just ambled around nose to the ground scenting..One part of the field behind the fence was full of flowers looked really pretty.

           IMG_8058           IMG_8021IMG_8033IMG_8010

21st Toffee gave birth  today in the early hours of this morning.  I just thought this photo so beautiful at just a few hours old..


13th Last show with Acer for a while and is bathed and ready to attend Birmingham National Champ Show at Stafford under a totally unknown Judge from Europe.  Thrilled to say we won again.



23rd First time ever I have owned an English Setter that has reached over 10 years of age.   So thrilled that today is actually Williams 12th Birthday and he is really well.


22nd Todays show was the English Setter Association Championship Show held at the Kennel club building in Stoneleigh. Acer was again in Post Graduate Dog –  6 in the class and got a 3rd this time.  We then entered the Open Stakes Class ( Dogs/Bitches)  which was Judged Mr. Shigeru Kaizaki who had flown over from Japan especially for this Show, and pleased to say Acer won a 2nd out of l2 entries (and we won £5) . Acers Breeder Linda kindly took a lovely photo of him in the Ring.   I think this is the best he has ever looked and starting to mature nicely.

ACER ESA 2018 P.G. 3RD

16th One and a hour hours  walk with Linda from Nottingham and 4 of her English Setters, my Acer and silva in the National Trust Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire.   Bit muddy but the sun was around which made the difference. Fortunately the lake was out of bounds   – The Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin at Clumber Park was built between 1886-89, commissioned by the Seventh Duke of Newcastle-Under-Lyne.


8th Left home 7 a.m. to meet a friend with her 3 setters who drove us to the English Setter society of Wales championship Show. (2 hour journey)  After we arrived and settled down Acer didnt appear too well , just lay there.  It appears it may have been a dead tail.  Occasionally when having got wet/bathed for some unknown reason the root of the tail becomes very very painful and the tail ends up hanging like a pump handle.  Luckily he wasnt in his class until after lunch.  Ten dogs turned up and I decided at the last minute to enter in the Class but he certainly wasnt his exuberant self and his tail wasnt wagging.  So I was very pleased to be given a 3rd place.  Even on Monday he still wasnt quite himself.


18th Cant believe it this time last week we were strutting our stuff at Crufts –  from showdog to Winter wonderland Playtime.


11th CRUFTS What a very very early start left home at 6.30 a.m for Gundog Day. (Judging for English Setters brought forward to 8.30 a.m. start) Linda (Acers Breeder) was driving so I can enjoy a tot or two or three of Baileys. Thrilled that Acer got a 2nd in  Post graduate out of a class of 10. As usual thoroughly enjoyed my day and also  met up with one friend from Spain and another from Australia who both used to live in the UK. (more photos and his Judges write up on his own page)

crufts this oneCrufts 2018_MG_9374 (700 x 409)


6th Not been a lot to report recently –  Monday met a friend who had flown over from Spain for lunch and catch up ( she was visiting Crufts on the first day thursday so wouldnt be there when i was exhibiting on sunday) ,  Tuesday –  Hair cut and coloured and Wednesday spent the morning at a Leisure club chilling out swimming, Jacuzzi,  3 different massages courtesy of Debbie (who shows Dachshunds) to get relaxed ready for Crufts which is now looming –  Gundog day being 11th March.  Only Acer entered this year.


4th Midland English Setter Society Champ Show at Stoneleigh – what a lovely lst for Acer in a good entry of 11 Dogs – the first time he has been up with the big boys  in Post Graduate.  (Just finished losing all his coat so hopefully in full bloom for Crufts in March)



21st After nearly 8 months of not showing Acer I ventured out today at 7 a.m. to Stafford County Showground in Stafford, for the Manchester Ch Sh.   I have to say Acer looked absolutely stunning and moved the best he ever has, but for some unknown reason the Judge didnt agree. 4th out of 7 in the Graduate class. Normally takes an hour which it did to get there, but I left early 11 a.m. to return home as the weather was horrendous, snow and ice – To start off the front wheels got stuck spinning in the mud and had to use one of the dogs vetbeds to pop underneath to grip to get out of the Car Park.  it took me 2 hours driving almost the whole way at 30 mph.  I dont know how many times the front wheels spun, the car was sliding all over the place, at a set of Stop lights centre of Derby it continued on and had i not left a good gap ended up literally inches from the car in front.  So very lucky. At the show a friend had given me a 1/4 bottle of Baileys including chocolate cups to pour it in – I said i would save it for Crufts !!!    so guess what !!!!   None left.

IMG_6873   IMG_6875

13th Off to visits a friends litter of 7 Mini Schnauzers puppies – all sold fortunately and about 6 weeks old.  Lovely even litter and I could have bought one of the bitches home.

1st   –  Resolutions – I intend getting to some show this year with Acer , Hopefully Crumble and her daughter Toffee (Mini Schnauzers) will be mated, and fingers crossed that Silva (English Setter)  does get pregnant this year as its now been nearly 11 years since I have bred any English Setter puppies.