A lovely start to the New Year as for the first time I had a professional  “Donna”   design my Advert for the English Setter Association Yearbook produced in April 2017.      Really thrilled and here it is below showing both Acer at l5 months old along withSilva his sister and her photo is at 12 months old (now has a lot more coat.)    Silva has now been hip scored 7:8  and is also BAER tested clear. 



DECEMBER 2017                                             M E R R Y    C H R I S T M A S 

10th So disappointed. Not shown for 6 months with everyone having gone down with Kennel cough, Acer being really poorly with it, so ended up not going to Paignton and birmingham Championship Shows which i had paid and entered. . I then mated Silva and assuming she would be pregnant so didnt enter any more shows – she missed.      Out the other end and I thought right so entered LKA Ch Show at the NEC Birmingham with Acer. But lo and behold the weather forecast is horrendous with inches of snow.   So once again no way would I attempt to go.   At the same show last year i celebrated my 70th birthday and Acer won his class.. Roll on 2018.

3rd Today I attended the workshop for the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (should have gone end november) held at the “Studio in the Park”  (Owned by sheila) at  Markeaton Park Craft Village, Derby. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  I thoroughly enjoyed it – great experience – lots pf practical painting Techniques – I now know how to do 5 different textures, (Below) Distress Painting, Crackle and Smooth, using different coloured Wax  etc.   Amazing day – cant wait to buy the special Brushes, Paint and put it all into practise on my first project a big old pine computer desk.  They run loads and loads of other Courses for colours, Design, etc. so may just return.


 IMG_6708 IMG_6710  IMG_6711 IMG_6709



10th Went off this morning with a friend to the Woodend for a Big Carvery Breakfast – “The Last Supper”  – as on  Monday I am enrolling at Slimming World – inflation has really taken over these last 6 months and I have to start losing weight for when i get back out showing Acer in about 4 weeks time. Dont want to be letting him down.

4th Lynn, Bill, Tequila (Williams daughter) came over from Yorkshire today along with their 10 month old Chloe (bred by a friend) who had come for a haircut – really turning into a lovely looking youngster..

IMG_6605 (375 x 500)



22nd Well something a little different from DOGS.   I have booked myself  on an Annie Sloan Chalk Painting Workshop beginning November..  I have loads of pine furniture and its boring and dated –   I will learn how to manipulate the paint to create a smooth finish and then to add interest by learning how to achieve textured and aged paint techniques. .Then to seal the paint using Clear Soft wax, Dark wax, White and Black waxes and  the new gilding waxes.   Can be used for furniture, Lampshades, Fabric etc.    Photo from one of her books.


18th Sad new – Although Silva appeared to be giving off the vibes of being pregnant – she has been telling porkies – Unfortunately she was scanned today and no sign of being pregnant.  It obviously wasnt meant to be –   So I am hoping she doesnt wait too long before I can try again in 2018.. Its 10 years or so since my last litter.

silva cruftsIMG_2086

10th Invited to Judge Alfreton & District Ringcraft Match Night held at the Greasley Spots Centre in Nottingham. Had a nice Entry of about 20 dogs in total all different Breeds.    My Best in Match was a lovely Black Standard Smooth Haired Dachshund and my Best Puppy of the night was the English Pointer. (Thank you to the official photographer T.Minett)

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, dog8th

Went locally this morning to Debbie’s to meet with her new puppies.    Clarence the 16 week old Black & Tan male Coonhound (Her second she already owns Pumpkin) who arrived last week from Montana Bay in America.    Stella the Black/Tan Dachshund bred by Debbie, and Twinkle the new Dapple Dachshund puppy.  Took 111 photos in total to get about a dozen worth viewing.

Debbie clarence and 2 dach pups.page

5th October –  “Berry” Ingella Gooseberry Fool (Miniature Schnauzer)   Born 24.12.06 is in almost every one of my Pedigrees .   Due to unforeseen personal circumstances at around 3 years of age went to live with a very good friend Karen & Rick in Morecambe (Ferncliffe Schnauzers).  I have just heard today that Berry has joined  the others in Rainbow Bridge and will be passing on all her quirkiy little ways to the rest of them.    Due to my computer crashing unfortunately the only photo i have of her as a Baby is with my Dusty who is long gone.  Both these favourite girls are on my Home page.



24th Had a really enjoyable morning in Buxton, Derbyshire visiting Alison and Mark who had a Seven Week old llitter of 5 puppies by their Bournehouse bred English Setter (Bess) and my dog Wansleydale Ace of Hearts Over Ingella (Acer).    Three girls – one tri, one orange and one blue.     Two Boys – both Orange.  What beautifully reared puppies they were – a credit to their breeder.

3 Girls2 boys

5th Afternoon Tea for two at Risley Hall, in Nottingham.   Couldnt resist having a photo taken when i saw the welcome that awaited us.(A pair of Great Danes)

Risley Hall again21397380_1399474846839041_839238427_n (600 x 337)


28th Very quiet month due to 4 of the Adults getting kennel cough (William escaped it) I had to miss Paington Championship Show and had entered both Acer & Silva.     Acer still is under par as he was really poorly and i had entered 3rd Sept City of Birmingham Champ Show and he will also be missing that one as well.   So took the opportunity this month to paint 33 internal Fence Panels and whitening the concrete posts which I finished today. Now to start on the outside Fence up the drive.  photo of the top grass run looking rather posh.



30th Over 2 years ago now i had an enquiry for an english Setter puppy and put them onto  Linda in Nottingham who bred my Acer & Silva.     Celia ended up buying  Acers brother and we have kept in touch.   She now lives in Mallorca and here is a lovely photo of Jethro and his Visla buddy  Rodney swimming in their sea water pool.   One of these days i hope to be able to join them for a holiday.

c boys

16th Sheena a friend who lives locally and happens to be a Groomer,  popped over with her ‘posh’ camera and we had a little photo shoot of the “Crumbs”

20179587_1586539254710485_1424301368_n (500 x 644)20217164_1586538504710560_1031945095_n (550 x 733)

15th Yet another Show this time at Stafford Showground The Northern English Setter 50th Anniversary Championship and Open show.   But Acer and I didnt have a “good day at the office”  3rd. So a friend Sylvia who had 3 dogs entered, and we just took a photo of each other instead.

IMG_5796    IMG_5795

7th Early trip down the A1 to East of England showground with Acer. Unfortunately I let him down as the ring was like an after thought, uneven, pot holes filled with sand, and needless to say no way could i run with my knee. So we ended up with a 3rd.  Seems to be a jinxed Showground as last year although Silva got Best Puppy in Breed – the ring was flooded through the centre and even before the end of judging tractors moved in.  Waste of time, money & effort.  The good News my knee after the swimming was fine.

6th started the morning at 7.30 a.m. with a gallop for the dogs, then an hour after i returned I went off Swimming – first time with the replacement knee – and have to say it sort of clicked as i did my froggy stroke but managed 10 lengths, then home and bathed and blow dried Acer for his big show tomorrow.  Hope no painful side effects from the swimming.  Quick photo of Acer posing in the sunshine.


1st Sunny start to the beginning of the month and after the Windsor Trip spent the weekend just chilling out (apart from a visit from the first of the new prospective puppy owners)  William was asleep on the settee as usual, Crumble was in her pen with the baby Crumbs and the other 3  Toffee, Silva and Acer were relaxing on the patio.



29th Well what a long long day.Left home 5.45 a.m. with Acer, picked up Linda and Wansleydale queen Bea (Lizzie) en route and off we went to Windsor Champ Show. (Windsor Great Park)  Acer was in Special Yearling dog (unfortunately he has dropped his coat so looked a little immature) but he got a 2nd so pleased with that. Lizzie then wins her class, followed by winning the Best Bitch (this made her into a show champion)  then beats the Best Dog to get Best of Breed.   So then having finished English Setter Judging about 12.30 noon we had to wait until 4.45 p.m. for Linda to compete with all the Winners of the Gundogs .She then decides her shoes are too slipper so pops on my Nike Air Trainers and bounced round the ring to get Group 2. I finally arrived home at 9.30 p.m. Having dropped Linda off at Junction 25 Services, and missed my Junction so ended up further up the M1 having to turn round and come back down.  (Photo of Acer in his show pose on his page)


12th One of the many photos taken by Steven Havers Photography of Leicester from the photoshoot in my garden back in May for the book he is producing of English Setters to make an awareness of the fact they are still on the Kennel club vulnerable list.   I believe some years ago now he owned one, and so still close to his heart.

Acer sislva photoshoot 2Ingrid English setter-6687


15th Had a lovely elderly lady called Rosie come f today.  She looked like a shaggy sheep on arrival so the transformation was incredible.  .


7th Lovely day sitting in the sunshine with Lynn & Bill, Tequila (williams daughter) and their new English puppy l6 week old Chloe who had come down from yorkshire..     Chloe had a good run about with Toffee who is only 9 months old and both enjoyed it.



5th As both my rotary cuffs are now torn in my shoulder and one is very painful – its making it difficult to get two dogs ready, showered, blow dryed, into the showground etc. etc. Plus for some reason Silvas coat looks dull, and she isnt her normal self – so just maybe she is thinking about coming into season as well.    So for the time being I am going to concentrate on showing just Acer.   Today Acer and I  went off to the National Championship Show at Stafford.  7 in the class and we were placed 4th.   Acer was shattered on our return – Very hard life for a show dog.


2ND Exciting day for the setters. A professional dog photograper Steven Havers wants to create a photographic record of English Setters to produce both a book and calendar to sell and raise the profile of our vulnerable breed. So today he came over for a Photoshoot.    As a thank you I will be able to have a free photo.   One of the 365 shots he took.  As you can imagine  the Mad Hatter – Acer performed and its me me me me, The sassy bitch – Silva kept shoving her nose on his lenses, in his ears as he sat on the floor to do the shots.  As for William – well he just kept sniffing the camera and difficult to get any pictures as he was too close. So with that in mind no idea what the outcome will be !!!!!   The book and Calendar will be on sale so details will be available later.Sending some of the photos later.


29th Couldnt resist this shot  ….  Did somebody call “Breakfast”         (William was already inside eating)

breakfast IMG_4980 (500 x 349)

27th Silva and I popped over to Derby to Pride Park Veterinary Centre to have her BAER test.  Brainstem auditory evoked response used to evaluate the hearing of a dog by detecting the electrical activity of the brain in response to an auditory stimulus (usually clicks), which is recorded and displayed on a computer screen    This is to check if she can hear in both ears. Occasionally they can be unilaterally deaf (one ear) and obviously with being a “selectively deaf setter” you would never know.  Thats now all done and dusted with perfect results.. Her Hips has also been xrayed/ scored and returned as 7:8 which is also under the breed average.Both Acer (tested last year) & Silva have both now passed their Health tests with flying colours..

23rd Early start Silva and Acer to the English Setter Association Championship Show, Kennel club Building Stoneleigh.    Acer got a 2nd which was ok considering he had dropped his body weight pining for Crumble who has been in season, and Silva unfortunately wasnt placed. Thhe highlight today was being given by a friend Jill a Litre of Baileys Orange Truffle that she had won on the Raffle, wasnt her drink and decided the only person to give it to would be me… of course.   Now back home Sitting in the sunshine – Cheers everyone.  It was at this show the 2017 Yearbook was produced and my lovely Advert produced by Donna was on page 61 for everyone to see.



19th  Brit-Vic was spayed today and all went to plan.   Once she has fully recovered she is going to the Horton Family who live locally and also own  Toffee’s brother.. Here is a very sad Brit having just arrived back home a little shaky and now in her Hospital Ward being pampered.  Breast of Chicken cooking slowly in the oven ready.


8th I think I put on a similar photo each year.  But love April when the Magnolia, Weeping Cherry. daffodils and bluebells are so vibrant in the sunshine.



26th What a lovely surprise to find this Collage on my Facebook Timeline of some of my current dogs on Mothers Day.  This arose as I was laughing with a friend Sheena who took some of the photos – and joking how i never get flowers or presies as not a mum and only have a couple of relatives. So she decided she would do something about it  

MOTHERS DAY COLLAGE 17498563_1460353210662424_9216453685507933766_n (500 x 500)

13th Brit-Vics Mini pups microchipped, 15th Eye tested, 16th Photoshoot, 17th Vet check and first injections and finally 19th March off

SPRITE 3 PHOTOS (500 x 160) (600 x 192)

11th Left home  6 a.m. to meet Linda in Nottingham for our trip to the Birmingham NEC for Gundog day at Crufts.  Silva & Acer are entered in Special Yearling but unfortunately at the bottom age wise as the class is for 18-24 months and they are only 18 1/2 months.  I am lucky to have a good friend who doggy sits for me whilst away. An enjoyable day Acer got a 3rd out of 9, Silva unfortunately didnt get placed out a huge class of 17,  but nevertheless moved beautifully. Cant win them all.    Acer was also professionally photographed by a Company called Experts in Canine Studies – who produce Educational Books. A few friends also took photographs and waiting to see if they forward them on. First photo arrived of Acer lying on his Bench from Di – who had flown over from Spain for Crufts and kindly kept Acer company whilst I was in the ring with Silva, otherwise he would have been a little vocal. !!.  (Photos on Acer & Silvas individual pages)

When I arrived home the postman had delivered the Certificate from the Kennel club which confirms Acer has a Stud Book No. having gained the RCC at the MESS show the other week, this entitles him to go to Crufts forever without having to qualify again.

both at crufts 2017aCER-CRUFTS-3RD-2017-300x228-horz (500 x 235)

Acer Crufts 2017


6th Had a visit today from Sheena who owns Molly (Ingella Sugar ‘N Spice) a daughter of my Dusty (Ingella Dusty Gold) she is 12 years old and such a beautiful lovely old lady, and reminded so much of her mum. Havent seen them for some years now and certainly brought back old memories..


25th Lynn & Bill friends of mine who own my Williams daughter (Tequila) have decided to have a new baby puppy an orange bitch from Williams Breeder who lives in Derby.   So today they came down from Yorkshire and collected me en route to visit her.    Now to be known as Chloe and she is sooooo pretty.   They collect her on Sunday 12th March. The 4 remaining puppies in the litter have all gone to show homes.


23rd Sheena a local friend popped round today  – and whilst she was here with her expensive camera I asked her to also take a photo of Toffee who is now 6 months, who I have been attempting to hand strip.

TOFFEE 6 MONTHS16976924_1429055417125537_9889273_n

5TH First show of the year and what fabulous results.    Midland English Setter society Breed championship show. First off Silva won the Junior Bitch Class of 6, then following by Acer doing the double and winning his Junior Dog class of 6.    Acer then went into the Dog Challenge with the winners of every class and won Res. Best Dog.   (RDCC)  So that entitles him to a Stud Book Number and Crufts qualified for life.



29th Been a very quiet month,  but today i had the pleasure of Judging English Setters at Coalville & District Open show at the Kennel club building in Stoneleigh which was about an hours drive.   My Best of Breed was Anlory Binche JW .a really pretty bitch, and my Res. Best of Breed was a very masculine boy  Canteris Cool for Catz.  They both moved with such happy wagging tails.  There was only one puppy entered so she was Best Puppy Miakoda Secret Rainbow. Only spoiled by my camera having a dead battery and not being able to stay to watch then in the finals with having the pups at home. At luck had it a friend has kindly sent me some photos she took.


14th Today went over to leek in Staffordshire to visit Kerry a Groomer  friend  who is brilliant at hand stripping mini schnauzers for a training session. .  My 5 month old Toffee joined me along with Rita from Nottingham and her 3 month old Roxy by Kerrys stud dog. . Absolutely amazing the difference it makes.    Tried to take some photos but Toffee wasnt having it so it had to be laying down when we got back home.