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31st New Years Eve and one resolution is to try and integrate Pearl with the Mini girls Brit-Vic and Crumble. I have tried for hours and hours on end but she continues to grab at them and will not stop. To get this photo is has taken me two hours of sitting the other side of the room and every time she went to nip or bite their legs, tail or beard, i banged the paper on the table.


29th Managed to take the dogs out today and two attempts where i turned back as the roads were not just single track but iced over, third try got to the Five Pits Trail, and only have a little walk with William off the lead, then we go into a huge field never anyone in it (no gate so never any stock) and let them both off. William initially did a total circuit and then I let Pearl off but she just wont run with him or play, she runs in front and blocks him or dive bombs him. Needs to test her out with a youngster that comes back and see what happens then. 


28th Pearl and I set off at 10 a.m. to East Nottinghamshire to visit Sylvia who owns English & Irish setters, but has just bought another English Setter Orange boy who is 4 months called Darlow.(I believe after the footballer) . Got as far as the M1 and I thought single track with ice all the way from my house so turn round at M1 island. However, the roads became snow and ice free. When defrosting the car I had forgotten to check the squirters worked and about one junction down the M1 the whole windscreen became smeared, stayed behind a lorry peeking through a tiny hole and pulled in  at Junction 26 and got it working. Then braked at an island the other side of Nottingham and the whole of the snow on top of the roof slid off onto the windscreen totally blocking my vision at the same time removed the windscreen wipers to stick out the front. Got round the island pulled in removed the lumps of snow and luckily the wipers weren’t bent or twisted and just put them back against the windscreen and continued. Met Darlow a really outgoing chunky boy, we let Pearl out with the 3 other setters but of course she isnt used to playing with other  strange dogs. She wont play with my minis as she rags them like toys, and william just bowls her over and jumps on her. Lunch and chat and  back home just after 2 p.m. Tried to take photos. but no one in the right place at the right time.  Darlow decided to pose himself on a spotted red throw and that was it click click.


26th Well Boxing Day and a pleasant surprise as invited back to my Brothers to meet my eldest Nephew Marcus, and his family who live at Breedon on the Hill.. Wife Dasha and my Great Nephew Alex 2 years old and Great Niece Nettie. Hadnt seen them for two years so of course they were both now of an age where they all joined in.

IMG_3180   IMG_3183

25th A lovely Christmas Day at my Brothers in Nottingham. His wife Karen, her mum Enid, and my other two Nephews Dom and Josh and of course me.


22nd WOW what an unexpected lovely surprise. I was looking out of the window this afternoon about 4 p.m. and saw the local florist van going round and round. (Remembering my address is Tavistock Sq and I dont live on the Square) So i kept watching thinking no way he’s looking for me, but being nosey I was wondering who the lucky receiver was going to be. Next thing I know he is banging on my door – not a happy bunny – asking my name – and then presenting me with one of the biggest Christmas Bouquets (had to split into two vases) plus a box of chocolate that i am finishing off as i type (Weight Watchers …. its christmas). They were from Bev, Don, Rio (English Setter) , Duke and Mia (Dobermans) some friends from North Notts. A very Big Thank you.

IMG_3153 IMG_3161

19th The new Doggies Christmas Present arrived for the lounge – and its big enough for all the dogs in one go. The current resident testing it out is William, as i just couldnt wait for Christmas Day. Very expensive and even the base has memory foam for comfort – how spoilt are they. It does have a beige base cushion but i popped a white vetbed on top as he had been walkies.


14th Another lovely visit from Lynn, Bill and Tequila (Williams Daughter) with Christmas pressies for everyone, stayed for lunch which was Salmon En Croute, and the most luxurious christmas pud i have ever eaten with devon clotted cream and of course custard. Forgot to take any photos so my new years resolution is more photos on my website and less words. With being ill Weight Watchers has been missed for 2 weeks and I have a feeling there just might be a gain of about 4-5 lbs. Never mind its Christmas.

11th Day 10 of the cold, had to return to the Dr. and finally on antibiotics, still swigging Benalyn by the bottle, anyway it didnt stop me going out for lunch on my Birthday courtesy of my brother. Always busy at this time of the year with Groups of people but never the less very enjoyable and got given a lovely watch from his and his family.


7th Up at 7 a.m. Fed the dogs, shot into the shower and yes we did leave at 8.30 a.m. for Elsecar Heritgage Centre for the NESS championship Dog show. Judging started at 10.30 a.m. and I wanted to be able to practise a few runs round the empty ring beforehand which i did. There was a huge entry in Minor Puppy bitch (6-9 months of age) 8 in total and unfortunately this time we didnt even get placed in the first 5. Very disappointed as Pearl behaved impecably and moved round the ring beautifully. However, still very very much a baby and immature.


29th Off to Newark again for The Setter & Pointer Championship Dog show. Hoping to have qualified Pearl for Crufts 2015, but unfortunately wasnt the case. Was a fair placing as the ones in front of Pearl again were more mature, behaved better so better luck next time. However, as usual Madam thoroughly enjoyed herself and once again gaining confidence in my knee. Weight Watchers got forgotten as i had a treble sausage cob, and a piece of Coffee walnut cake.

22nd Been there, done it, worn the T shirt and managed to jog beautifully in the ring with Pearl who behaved like an idiot, but nevertheless totally enjoyed herself. Pearl got 4th out of 6 and the majority of the puppies were 2 months older than her which does make a big difference.THE CLASS WAS FOR PUPPIES WHICH MEANS 6-12 MONTHS OF AGE AND PEARL IS ONLY A mINOR pUPPY 6-9 MONTHS. Now looking forward to showing more often at the Indoor Venues, and then the next hurdle will be next Summer when the shows are outside and if i can manage uneven ground.

2nd Had a visit from Bev, Don and their English Setter Rio who had popped over from Nottinghamshire for Rio to have a hair cut. Great to see them all again as it must be years since we have met up. Don took the photo – Me with Pearl, William in the middle & Rio with Bev. Yes the mini girls were also outside playing but just a nightmare to try and get everyone sitting still for the photo, Didnt help as i cant bend down so it looks as if i am astride a none existent horse or trying to sit on an invisible chair. Never mind we had a good laugh and the dogs all enjoyed themselves and Rio went home looking rather smart.



23rd Ringcraft beckoned yet again for Pearl. So off we went to the new venue about l2 miles away. For the first time she actually stood in a show pose for a split second. Plus the added bonus she moved up and down the rubber mat with four feet on the ground, and the icing on the cake was that i managed a gentle jog at the side of her instead of walking.


22nd – Very sad to say Ingella Black Magic (Marlon) bred by me and owned by Sylvia was PTS today to save further suffering. He joins his Dad – Wansleydale Free As a Bird, his mum Dusty (Ingella Dusty Gold) and his Uncle and ex Kennel mate Muffin (Ingella Prairie Gold) to name but a few. All having departed over Rainbow Bridge in the last few years. Yet another of those special boys that will leave a big gap in the lives of Sylvia and Ian.



20th Dont go out that often but today went out locally for a really long lunch and natter with Viv (a doggy friend) – dont know where the time went. Met at l p.m. and still chatting at 4 p.m. Very naughty main course and chocolate sticky pud with chocolate sauce, and a glass of vino. Doing really well at W. Watchers so time to celebrate. Didnt take a photo of the Restaurant so selfie of me instead – rosy cheeks must be the wine.


19th I am sure you all remember the Lone Ranger, the one and only puppy produced by Brit-vic at the beginning of this year. Well just look at him now at 4 months old !!!!  Lord Daxter at Home in his leather Chesterfield.

dax red chair 001 (1)

11th Disappointing News as mentioned on l4th September I mated Britvic and this morning I went to Derby to have her scanned, and had a feeling with the cock up of the blood tests it would be negative – and it was – no puppies. So now more money, stud fees etc. to mate her yet again in 5 months time. This time I am only using the Laboratory Testing to get the ovulation date right.

9TH Today Pearl managed to look serene lying quietly beside William without swinging from his ears or grabbing his wagging tail. This could be the start of tranquility at the Nook.


8th – Couldnt believe it we had a tournado hit Alfreton around 3.30 p.m. today. As far as I was aware the heavens opened and the wind was horrendous and the rain blew horizontal and at the time I thought this is really weird. I then find out at 6 p.m. when I went to Weight Watchers that the roof of a house, car, trees etc. had been hit literally at the top of the road which was block off with Fire Engines, Police and Ambulances. That night was on BBC, ITV News, Internet, and all the papers the next day.

6th First time ever Pearl has spent time with the minis in the same room. She is horrible to them just grabs their tails, ears, legs and doesnt stop. Today however I sat with a newspaper ready in hand and it did the trick. but the minute I took my eye off her — at it again. So proof in the photo of a few of the quieter moments. Brit-Vic(left) looks as if she is thinking “how long will this last”


3rd Beautiful start to the month – sun shining – warm and fabulous walk with William and Pearl at Silverhills country Park. Even let Pearl off the lead for 10 minutes either way but without William who spends most of his time galloping in the Pine forest. Came home fed Pearl, had lunch and took Brit-Vic & Crumble onto Alfreton Park – just lovely short grass where they love to play and run.



14th Not a good week all round. Knee playing up and making me niggly. Have mated Brit-vic again but the bloods tests at a total cost of £146 kept contradicting themselves so I used a Laboratory where they were sent away and this test result at 4 p.m. said – “mate now as we think you have missed it” – I then went racing up to Yorkshire at 7 p.m. M1 at 50 mph all the way to the M18, then across to the A1 where I had arranged to meet the Stud Dog/Owner Tracey in a little layby to save me going to her house. Finally got a mating with a 20 minute tie, paid the Fee and drove the 1 hour back home (I absolute hate driving in the dark) so thats in the lap of the gods. Pearl hasnt been too well and that was a trip to the vet the same day and is now a waiting game, plus her gums are so very swollen that one side the teeth are having real trouble coming through and she appears to be really suffering – hence only eating soft food so cooking scrambled eggs, l lb of raw tripe, cooked minced lamb with veg – Goats milk really spoilt at present bless her. Then to top it all William had a couple of days of grumbling tummy ache – but hes now okay. The only dog with no problem at present seems to be bubbly Crumble. Then I read this little poem on FB which just made me laugh.

kick SOME GRASS OVER IT10484581_288341181343989_5277522838976931324_n

12th Met Viv who is a doggy friend, and went out for lunch to one of my favourite places the Greyhound at Higham. Weight Watchers went by the board today as I enjoyed main course, glass of wine and a melt in the middle scrummy chocolate pudding. Took a selfie of me.



30th Not a lot happening this month and this morning have taken 80 photos just trying to get one of Pearl with all four feet on the ground. She hasnt improved in fact she is twice as hyper, boisterous and naughty. So below is a photo of her and Crumble. Have only recently allowed her to play with the Minis as they race around and twist and turn sooo fast. We are still going to ringcraft training once a week and live in hope that she will be ready to show end of November !!!


18th Had a surprise phone call from Francis who had Misty from me at l6 months old in 2010, she was staying at Chatsworth Caravan Park in her Motorhome and thought we would like to meet up. I took William with me and met Francis, her daughter and Misty at the Cromford Canal. We sat out in the open under huge umbrellas by the side of the canal having a good chat. Have to say all credit to Francis as Misty was in beautiful condition and it was 4 years since i had last seen her. Pictured below Francis and her Daughter, Misty and William by the lovely canal boat at the Coffee Shop on the Cromford Canal .


9th Rita from Nottingham popped over to meet Pearl aged 14 weeks (English Setter puppy) and Daxter  8 weeks (the mini puppy).


8th After such a hectic week including fun with Pearl at Ringcraft on Tuesday where she was as mad as a hatter and nothing phased her at all, I met a friend today and went out for a fantastic Carvery Lunch, Sickly Belgium chocolate pud with ice cream, Cafe Chino with sugar. Started back at Weight Watchers on Wednesday 6th as I have inflated by 20 lbs. since my operation in February. But todays lunch was all within my Pro Point Allowance as I built up a surplus of Activity Points by walking the dogs, mowing the lawn, bathed and blow dryed 2 minis beforehand.

5th Good News took Ingella The Lone Ranger (Daxter – the one and only mini puppy from Britvics litter) to Southwell to be eye Tested for Junior Cataracts – and as expected he has come back Clear – unaffected. Yesterday he was microchipped and next Tuesday he has his 1st Primary vaccination. Wednesday 13th ready for the off to his new home.

1st Now had Pearl for 2 weeks. Second injection all done and dusted and 12 weeks old so on Tuesday next week we are off to Ringcraft to learn the art of being a show girl. I doubt anything will phase her, but the first few times we will just sit and watch and hopefully learn and take it all in !!! I have a sneaky suspicion she will cause chaos.



28th Sue came over today from Chesterfield with Tia about 10.30 a.m. . We met at Silverhills Country Park for walkies along with William and Crumble. Then stopped off en route back to my house and bought a naughty but nice lunch. Got home and Had a play with Baby Pearl (English Setter puppy) who is getting prettier by the day, fed Mr. Blobby (my nickname for the one and only mini puppy) then trimmed Tia, and Sue left for home about 5 p.m. Really enjoyable day and Tia went home looking really smart..


21st Baby Pearl Having a Siesta – one of the few occasions when she is still. Growing well and had her second injection yesterday and never stopped wagging her tail at the vets. Absolute hooligan, jumps, bites, nips, has already ripped some of the doggy room wall paper, barks, throws tantrums still – a lovable rogue. However, at night she is almost house trained and cries if she needs to go out which is good but this morning i got woken at 2.30 a.m. 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. all valid reasons, but i was not a happy bunny as you can imagine.


13th Fay and Kai came over today (they live local) to view their new dog puppy. He is Kennel club registered as Ingella The Lone Ranger and nearly 3 weeks old. Don’t normally allow anyone to view puppies until they are 4 weeks, but I have met them before they were born, they are local, and as there is only one seemed a shame. They have decided to call him Daxter.


11th Out for lunch with Viv a doggy walking friend (who owns 3 cockers) to the Greyhound at Old Higham Village, Derbys. Superb value and fantastic meal especially the Melting Moments Pud with Ice Cream – absolutely scrummy.


10th Lynn, Bill and Tequila (Williams daughter) came over for the day from Yorkshire. Bill has kindly helped me revamp the old Galaxy cage, cut it down in size, and refitting it to fit the whole rear of the new Skoda. So the dogs can now have space, comfort and safety.

5th Yet another baby arrived today – I went and collected my 8 week old English Setter Puppy Bitch named ‘Pearl’ who is tri colour(Blue Belton & Tan) from Penny & Gordon Williams and her Kennel Name is Bournehouse Pearl of Wisdom over Ingella. We arrived home late this afternoon and she is an absolute wild child. She has even found out that if she shoves her head under the child gate (screaming) and lifts it up on the latch end – it will open. Talk about intelligent. If she cant do something, or doesnt like something she throws an absolute tantrum and either screams or barks loud continuously. A lot of fun and games in store I think.

3rd The new Ingella Baby Skoda Roomster has arrived – quite surprised at the space and height but decided i am going to remove all the rear seats. Now got to measure up and refit the galaxy cage into this one.

IMG_0888 IMG_0891


24th Britvic had her one and only puppy this morning. A very good time during the day, so no staying up all night which was great. Started contractions at 7.l5 a.m. and an 8 ozs. very healthy little boy born at 8.l5 a.m. I have to be thankful it wasnt a caesarian and one dead puppy. Not an easy birth, and she did try soooo hard pushing and pushing but the legs were sticking out, outside the birthing bag (I was worried the puppy was totally out of the bag) – so I did have to intervene and we had a tug of war – Brit-Vic needless to say wasnt a happy Bunny. Me holding her beard with one hand so she wouldn’t bite, and tugging the legs of the puppy with my other hand. However, she is now calm, quiet and contended with the puppy feeding well. I thought just maybe a second one tucked away – but not to be unfortunately. His new owners are John, Fay and their Son from Ripley, Derbys (local). Photo at 2 hours old. I am going to register him as Ingella Lone Ranger.


14th Had a visit from the Kennel Club Assessor Helen Reaney on behalf of the Assured Breeder Scheme. (I have been a member for around 3 years ) Every Breeder who is in the Scheme will now have to be officially approved by a personal Inspection before they are allowed to register another litter, It went extremely well, in fact very enjoyable. The criteria is very much the same as what I have already been doing for 40 years. So I am now able to officially say that I am a KENNEL CLUB VISITED AND APPROVED ASSURED BREEDER WITH 3 ACCOLADES.

10th The Galaxy went this morning as downsizing and far too big for just Me, William and 2 minis. So this afternoon I had a lift from Sue a friend to the main Skoda Dealer in Mansfield, Nottingham to sign the paperwork for a Brand New Skoda Roomster. It didnt work out a lot more expensive than a second-hand one with the Special Deal they were offering. They say that this particular Model is like Marmite, you love it or hate it. Unfortunately the new car wont be ready for at least 3-4 weeks, but Skoda have very kindly offered me a loan car from this Saturday until I collect the new one. Dont know how I would have managed without one with a new the knee and Britvic due to whelp shortly as well. So I am only car-less for 3 days. I have to say I have really been very impressed with the service I have received so far from their Salesman Steve Cantrell.



9th Great News today for Sarah & Mark who own Baldrick a lovely INGELLA English setter. Mark entered a Photo Competition and as a Winner Baldricks beautiful head study is sited on the side of all the PETS AT HOME lorries going up and down the Motorway etc. Watch out for him.