English Setter Puppies



Below is a litter i bred some years ago

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WANSLEYDALE SILVER RIBBON OVER INGELLA (SILVA) –  will hopefully be mated in 2018


 Further  Information on the Breed can be found

under Health Issues    or   Grooming Chart under the Grooming 

If you have any questions, queries, and want to have a chat please do not hesitate to contact me.

I have 40 years experience of  Breeding, Showing, Judging and Rearing puppies and was Visited by the Kennel club and inspected in 2014.


*  My puppies are Home Reared From BVA/Hip Scored Parents (within the Breed Average).

The Mother has been BAER tested Normal (Hearing in both ears) 

* Mother can be seen WITH  her puppies from 4 weeks of age

Kennel club Registered

 *  5 Generation printed Pedigree

*  Insured for FREE for 5 weeks on the day of collection with a company of my choice.  

*  Microchipped

*  Wormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks (certificate provided)

*  Contract and Receipt

* Dew claws may be removed by my Vet (depending on the size of the pups at birth)

*  Puppies will be BAER Tested for Deafness at 7 weeks of age  

* 1st  Primary Vaccinations will no longer be given due to Vets offering different vaccines –   Lepto 2 (Course of two injections) and Lepto 4 (course of 3 injections) and they cannot be interchanged. (I personally would not accept Lepto 4) Plus It has also been published that it is far better to not vaccinate until the pups are about 10 weeks old as they still already have the immunity of their mother     (However they will be taken to my Vet and provided with a Health Certificate)

Information leaflet on whether to Booster or not

* Puppies are sold to permanent loving homes as Companions, and their Registration Documents Endorsed  for their own protection :- Not for Breeding and Not for Export

*  Rearing/Feeding Guide, Grooming Chart along with 11 Pages of Helpful Hints, Tips and Advice

*  Small Complimentary bag of Premium Puppy Food  

* A piece of bedding or Toy that has been with the other puppies on their last night

  I provide On-going photos/videos via email as the puppies grow and updates 

*  If for whatever reason you are unable to keep your puppy or adult, I would like first refusal and always take it back or rehome if necessaryYou will sign the contract to this affect.


Before buying a puppy please always do your homework and ask questions !!!

Hopefully the Breeder will do the same !!!!    

information to assist in your research can be found on the separate page of my website under the heading – HEALTH &  BREED INFORMATION – PLEASE READ THIS 

Photos below of puppies young and old I have either bred or owned (Unfortunately I lost most of the old photos when my computer crashed in 2011 – photos gone forever)

3 Girls2 boys

Above A litter of Five 7 week old puppies Sept 2017  sired by my dog “Acer”  who is litter brother to Silva.

IMG_6624  IMG_6213

                                     Acer above                                                            Silva above

IMG_1776IMG_5739PENTAX ImagePEARL 30TH JULY 11 WEEKSIMG_1050IMG_6213old computer info 2 557orangeIMG_5757