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Photo taken 3 Yr. 10 months  May 2019

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Photo taken at l5 months which is part of the Advert for the ESA 2017 Yearbook


 SIRE:  Sh Ch Wansleydale King of Hearts At Branstorm JW (3:7) BAER – Normal

    DAM:  Sh Ch Wansleydale Scarlet Ribbon JW (5:6) BAER – Normal

Bred by Linda Taylor 

Date of Birth:-  24th  August 2015

Kennel Club BVA Hip Score  6:4

BAER Tested Clear both sides  (3.10.2016)

Colour:   Orange Belton

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     acer newark 17 march 2016 Puppy group 1 spare

The whole litter at 5 1/2 weeks old


Below Acer Nearly 8 weeks old

tail   tail3


April 2018 Acer mated Bess again Bournehouse Distant Memory  (repeat mating) but unfortunately this time not so lucky.   Only scanned for one puppy   An Orange boy they are keeping called HUGO.     

December 2017 –  In July Acer caught Kennel Cough as did the other dogs, but for some reason it really hit him badly – he lost weight, coat and condition.   Unfortunately  that meant he missed both Paignton & Birmingham Championship Shows where he was entered.     I then didnt enter any shows as I thought his sister Silva would be pregnant – not to be.     Ladies Kennel Association was the last show of the year 10th December at the NEC – once again Acer was entered – really looking forward to it – and the snow came down in Birmingham. !!!  Roll on 2018 it can only be a better year.

6th August 2017 – Acer sired his first Litter born August 2017 – Bess the Dam  (Bournehouse distant memory) was owned by Alison & Mark.

Shown below  3 Bitches one Tri, one Orange, one Blue

3 Girls

2 Dogs – both Orange  

2 boys

Two photos below of BARKLY From Acers lst litter

An absolute image of his father

 ACE SON7     BARKLY image2

This is Hugo who was kept by the same Breeder from Acers 2nd litter which was a repeat mating.




2019 Acer hasnt been shown since April due to being out of coat or time taken up looking after his sister Silva’s litter of puppies in August  and a Mini Schnauzer litter towards September time.. He may be out end of 2019 but if not selected shows during 2020.

26th April 2019 – WELKS Championship Dog Show 3rd (11 ) Limit Dog – Judge Tereza Watkins. Unfortunately no Critique as the Judged was only doing 1st and 2nd. 


7th March 2019 – CRUFTS DOG SHOW – Limit  VHC 5th (11) Judge Mrs. Val Isherwood.                 Unfortunately there will be no Judges Critique as this is only done for lst-3rd placings.)

ACER Crufts 2019 54233816_2131979973546780_3866631191117430784_oACER TO ENLARGE CRUFTS 2-1053138972_2131983133546464_8787248254321426432_o

4th Feb 2019 – Midland English Setter champ show – Mid-limit   2nd (4)  Judge M/s J. Howarth  Critique from the Judge 2nd Young’s Wansleydale Ace of Hearts over Ingella another stunner from this kennel, so sound and honest, beautiful shaped head, soft expression, kind eyes, clean neck flowing into correct shoulders, well bodied, good turn of stifle and second thigh, hocks well let down, sound movement driving from the rear.

15th Jan 2019 Good start to the first show of the year – Manchester Ch Sh – first time in Limit class.   1st (3) Limit Dog – Judge Mr. Chris Bexon.  Critique from the Judge LD (3) 1st Young’s Wansleydale Ace Of Hearts Over Ingella. A smart medium sized glamorous light orange male, clean cut in outline, of excellent proportions, with a nicely balanced head with plenty of work in skull, with very good stop, lovely dark eye, giving a soft expression, square muzzle of good length and low set ears. He has a reasonable length of neck, decent shoulders, level back but which falls away only slightly in croup. He has good depth of chest, ribs and strong loin, best of legs and feet. Good hind angulation with strong short hocks, he was shown in good condition with excellent presentation. He has good front movement but a little narrow for me behind.


7th July 2018 A while since we have shown – East of England championship show 2nd (4) Post Graduate Dog – judge Mrs. Jane Dennis.   Critique from the judge – PGD (5) – 2nd Young’s Wansleydale Ace Of Hearts Over Ingella. Two year old light o/b. This young male scores in outline. He has a pleasing head, excellent forehand, short back, strong quarters. Very sound though perhaps not with the powerful drive of one. He too needs a little more maturity to complete the picture, but a lovely young man showing lots of promise. 

12th May 2018 Birmingham National Championship Show 1st (3) Post Graduate Dog – Judge Mrs. Tatjana Urek from Europe. photo taken before the show. Critique from the Judge   PGD 1 Young’s Wansleydale Ace Of Hearts Over Ingella. Almost 3 year old dog, very nice overall impression but I would like to see him more masculine, beautiful head proportions, oval eyes that gives him the typical expression of the breed, excellent pigmentation, excellent low set ears, correct muzzle, correct front and rear angulations, good length of neck, level topline with very nice tail set, beautiful coat, parallel movement with good reach and drive. 


22nd April 2018 – English Setter Association championship Show 3rd (6) Post Graduate Dog – Judge – Lois Buckley (Fishwick)

we also entered the Memorial Open Stakes (Dog & Bitch)  – Judge Mr. Shigeru Kaizaki (Lakecastle) from Japan. 2nd and 12 in our class.       Critique from the Judge ———-         Memorial Open Award  2 Wansleydale Ace of Hearts over Ingella. Marvellous masculine English Setter who managed to show his strong body while expressing enough gracefulness in both movement and touch, for the short judging period of two minutes per dog. 

ACER ESA 2018 P.G. 3RD

8th April 2018 – English Society of Wales Championship Show 3rd (11) Post Graduate Dog – Judge – Mrs. Margaret Henry (Beechanger).  Unfortunately Acer had a Dead Tail so wasnt his usual self.

11th March 2018 CRUFTS CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOW – 2nd  (10)  Post Graduate Dog  – Judge Mr. John Barber (Llinlow)  –  Critique PGD   11  (1a)  2nd Young’s Wansleydale Ace of Hearts Over Ingella O/B with well moulded head correct eye low set ears, nicely arched neck leading to well laid shoulders good front & feet. short back, nice turn of stifle. Moved sound & true both ways. Well put down as always.

CRUFTS 2018 ACERcrufts this oneCrufts 2018_MG_9374 (700 x 409)

February 2018 – Midland English Setter Society Champ Show lst (11) Post Graduate dog – Judge – Mrs. Alex Greenhalgh …. Critique PGD. (11). 1st.  Young’s Wansleydale Ace Of Hearts over Ingella,  Light O/B, long lean head, dark melting expression, low set ears, good length of neck and well placed shoulders, good depth to chest, well boned, tight feet, firm topline, moved out with drive.  Well presented.



29th June 2017 Windsor championship dog show 2nd (3) Yearling dog – Judge Christine Bexon.


11th March 2017 – Crufts 3rd Yearling Dog (9)   Judge Ruth martin – Critique   Yearling Dog (11,2)  very close decision between these three dogs, all at different stages, but outlines prevailed.  3 Young’s Wansleydale Ace Of Hearts over Ingella, lovely head on this smart boy, excellent topline, good legs & feet. Moved well. (Thank you to Zibby for the photo)

aCER only CRUFTS 3RD 2017


5th February 2017 Midland English Setter society championship Show   –  1st Junior Dog (6)  His last junior class age 17 months,  he then won the Res. Dog CC.      Judge Miss Karen Sillince (Tomlow) – Critique:Junior (6)  1st Youngs-: WANSLEYDALE ACE OF HEARTS OVER INGELLA-: What a star in the making, oozes quality and breed type. Standing he presents such a clean balanced outline with no exaggeration. Beautifully moulded head with lovely expression into clean neck flowing to correct shoulders, straight front, best of bone and feet .Level topline, well turned stifles, good depth through second thigh, well let down hocks. Sound mover on a long stride, tail slashing .One I could take home. RCC.



11th December 2016 Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show 1st Junior Dog again a good entry 16 Months old   Judge Mr. David Howarth (Moorbrook) – Critique  Junior (6)   1st Young’s Wansleydale Ace Of Hearts over Ingella, now 16 months & is coming along well. He has a good head with defined stop & good length of muzzle. Strong clean neck with well laid shoulders, strong quarters with a good bend of stifle, hocks are well let down. He moved well enough to win this class;


4TH December 2016 Northern English Setter society Championship show 2nd out of a very good entry in Judges Mr. G. Morroll – Critique: Junior        2nd. Young’s Wansleydale Ace of Hearts over Ingella. O/B. Good front and reach of neck. Correct bend of stifle. Preferred the movement of winner.


7th August 2016 National Gundog Championship show – last puppy class lst Puppy Dog. Best Puppy Dog in Breed   (11 months)     Judge Mr. 

acer national gundogacerpuppy (500 x 414)

10th July 2016 East of England championship Dog show – 10 1/2 months. lst Puppy Dog and Best Puppy dog in Breed.  Judge Mr. Joe Watkins ( Valsett)

25th March 2016 Eastwood & dist Open Show – Gundog Puppy Group 2

19th March 2016 Nottingham Sherwood Foresters Open show – Gundog Puppy Group 2 (7 months)


27th February 2016 Newark & Dist. Canine society Open Show – Gundog Puppy Group 1 (6 months)

     acer newark 17 march 2016 Puppy group 1 20160227_134445