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The Kennel name INGELLA has been owned by INGRID YOUNG since 1986.  But we started showing some years before I attained my Affix, and I owned my first English Setter when living at home aged l5 and today we still attend the shows..  My first Miniature Schnauzer was about 20 years ago and my lines still continue on from my foundation bitch Nellie. 


Ingella Dusty Gold and Ingella Gooseberry Fool

  My main breed being  English Setters which I have personally owned for about 42 years .   I have occasionally bred a litter when I have wanted to keep one to show which in fact was about 12 years ago although in 2018/19 I had my last ever English Setter litter with with Silva and one of her sons Ingella Midnight Storm went to live with the Stud dog owner so I can follow his progress in the ring in years to come. . I have also Judged at Open Show level.   All my Setters are Hip Scored under the KC/BVA Scheme at around one year of age and BAER Tested. 

My big highlight in the show world (which can never be repeated by anyone) being when I won the RESERVE DOG CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE with SH CH BELLESETT CAMPBELL OF INGELLA at the CRUFTS CENTENARY SHOW in JANUARY 1991 at the same time I won Veteran Dog with Bournehouse Eldorado of Ingella.  In 2007 Hartsett As You Like It At Ingella won Best Special Puppy Dog at Crufts,  the same year Wansleydale Waterloo to Ingella (Lewi) gained a CC and RCC and in 2010 won veteran Dog at Crufts.    To-date I have owned 6 Junior Warrant winners, approx 12 dogs with Stud Book numbers, made up a Show champion Bellesett Campbell of Ingella, others with challenge Certificates and Reserve challenge Certificates. I only showed once in Jan 2011. March 2012 I showed Lewi in Veteran dog for the last time aged nearly 10 before he finally retired,  and he got a very worthy 2nd out of a large class so that was a lovely finale.

I then had a break from showing mainly due to an arthritic knee and had a full replacement in Feb 2014 and about 3 days after I returned from hospital I lost Lewi which left me with only one English Setter – namely’William’.    if everything goes to plan I am hoping to show my two new English Setter puppies Acer and Silva towards March 2016 so will be testing out the new knee. 

Late 2019 I was diagnosed with Mesothelioma a rare terminal asbestos cancer of the lining of the lung so it was unfortunately the end of the Ingella Mini Schnauzers although a friend is continuing my lines, and my goal is still to get my English Setters Acer and Silva to the odd show in 2020 but with a friend handling..  Of course this was also put on hold due to the C19 Virus where I had to self isolate for quite some time. So now I am hoping I can fully enjoy 2021 .


Sh Ch Bellesett Campbell of Ingella Crufts Centenary 1991 (Right)


            Wansleydale Waterloo to Ingella , 1 CC’s, l RCC His finale 2nd Veteran Dog Crufts 2012                              lst Veteran Dog 2010, and didn’t attend in 2011                        

I have also bred but in the ownership of other people, Setters with RCC’s and a Junior Warrant namely Ingella Prairie Gold J.W. RCC owned by Sylvia Cole.  Ingella Pinch of Nutmeg SHCM with 2 RCC’s owned by Anita James  and Ingella Black Magic again owned by Sylvia who gained his Stud Book No.

Ingella Prairie Gold JW, RCC

Ingella also owned Reisenheim Landlady of Nenevale a Giant Schnauzer bitch named Daisy who had two litters and produced Ch. Ingella Fancy Dancing of Nenevale owned by Jenny Harrison-Smith, Ingella Dancing Master  2 RCC’s, who produced a daughter with CC’s owned by Selma Cook and Ingella Coco Channel of Khinjan who produced for Sarah Hattrell Brown a Champion.    Giant Schnauzers first came into my life when I met and became friendly with Jenny Harrison-Smith of the famous Nenevale kennels.


I then decided I loved the Mini schnauzers which Jenny also owned and bred and got totally hooked. So my Foundation Mini Bitch was Nenevale Fiddlesticks of Ingella – Nellie, who I unfortunately lost in July 2011 nearly 13 years old. It is from Nellie that I produced on another six generations and still continuing to this day. What a little tough nut she was and the boss of everyone. Just a delight to live with and a pleasure to have owned. All my Minis hold a Current eye Certificate and are MAC tested.  

nellieNellie aged 12 

It has been mentioned in the Guestbook of my previous Website that I should show a photo of the name behind my Affix.    So I thought this would also be an ideal opportunity to give a brief introduction into how I got into the world of English Setters, and also how the name Ingella was formed.

My initiation into English Setters


I owned my  very first English Setter at the age of l5, Registered as Juno of Beechmount.   She was from the very old and well known Crombie lines. “Juno”  was a blue belton bitch with a left black eye patch.   At the time English Setters were quite rare and we ordered her from a Kennel in Nottingham.   The day we went to collect her she had arrived by train from Scotland and was still in the wooden box with the metal strip round the top full of straw.  Some years later We decided it would be nice to have puppies, so my parents duly took her somewhere in Sheffield to be mated.  As she wasnt too happy about the situation we were asked to leave her and collect her in a few days time.   She never did get mated and it wasnt long afterwards we found out she had a very large tumour on her ovaries and unfortunately never made it through the operation.  After many years I found a  photo of ‘Juno’ – I think at the time she was around 5 years old, as I know I was about 20 or 21 !!!!!!!!!!!!   Wow dont I look a thin 9 st in those days.   How things inflate over the years.

My next English was after I had left home and settled down a little.   He was a blue belton dog called Thixandale Charon (Snoopy) bred by John Butkus in Nottingham 1975.  I was encouraged to show him, but never really excelled – both of us being new to the show scene.   I then decided to have a friend for Snoopy and purchased Bournehouse El Dorado of Ingella an Orange belton dog (Brie) from the Bournehouse Kennels 1989 – and this is where the Website really begins.  Brie sired his first litter aged 5 and produced a lovely litter to Bellesett Gypsy of Wansleydale and I bought a bitch puppy from this litter called Little Beau Peep of Ingella.   

I decided I needed an Affix  (Kennel Club name)  if I was to be serious about showing, and hence I obtained the name INGELLA.   Derived from Ing (part of my christian name) and Ella (a friends Champion Golden Retriever that I really admired) 

1989 shows the photo of me at Blackpool Championship Show when Campbell won his 3rd CC and became Show Champion Bellesett Campbell of Ingella.    I am sitting outside the Beer Tent celebrating my win and also the same day won Best of Breed and shortlisted in the Gundog Group. In fact if my memory serves me right he ended up winning Best of Breed on another occasion, also being shortlisted again in the Gundog Group.

Some years later in 2001 I bought a lovely Wistaston bitch- Wistaston School Sorbet who I mated to my ‘Freeway’- Bellesett Free n Easy of Ingella who produced the most fantastic litter of 13 puppies that were all named after the B & Q colour chart. I kept two to show- Ingella Dusty Gold (Dusty) and Ingella Cornflower Blue ( Fleur) Sylvia Cole had Ingella Prairie Gold (Muffin) and Jan Hall had Ingella Saffron Sorbet (Saffie).

img001 (300 x 310)

All the show dogs past and present are mentioned again on separate pages either individually or Past Showdogs, and the INGELLAS  in other ownership can been seen on Rogues Gallery.    So if you have just come across my website and own an Ingella, please ensure you let me have a photo so I can add it to the collection.

Updated selfie 2015


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